About Our Farm

We founded Red Fox Farm in 2017 and have built our farm to include a small herd of nigerian dwarf goats.  We follow compassionate farming techniques and use the milk from our dairy goats to craft handmade goat milk products.  Each doe is hand-milked to produce our farmstead soap.  Each soap, balm and cologne we produce at the farm contains natural, farm fresh goat milk!

We pride ourselves on the compassionate care of our goats.  We strongly believe that happy, healthy goats provide the best quality goat milk - which leads to the BEST goat milk soap!

•  All our goats have individual names and collars
•  Our does have breaks in breeding schedule and do not overbreed
•  Our goats have a lot of human interaction with individual care
•  All our does are hand-milked
•  Free ranged with an enriched environment
•  All our goats have a safe home here and we support no-kill policies

Our entire family partakes in the enjoyment of our beautiful goats and all the silly joy they bring!  The soap we make has as much character and personality as the goats themselves.  Our farm is a labor of love and we hope to give you a little piece of that love in everything we make.

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