Cologne & Perfumes

Cologne & Perfumes: All our solid colognes and perfumes are blended with a beeswax and coconut oil base, so feel free to apply a little or a lot!

Long lasting: The beeswax becomes a fragrance carrier, it works gradually to spread the  scent throughout your day, making you smell great no matter where you go!  A wax and oil based product gives you complete control over how much cologne you put on and where you apply it. No fragrance is lost into the air around you, unlike using a liquid/alcohol based cologne. 

Attractive variety of scents: Each one of our fragrances is chosen carefully.  A few offer their own unique experience while some mimic a popular brand fragrance with a name similar to their own. 

How to apply:  To use, rub finger along balm and apply directly to pulse points (wrist, forearm, neck...or even chest). For a stronger smell, simply apply more cologne as needed.

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